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Creating a Website Is This Easy

DNSPod provides you with a guide to quickly build your website at low cost with no coding necessary, making website construction a painless process.

Register a Domain
Select a CVM
Configure a Certificate
Create a Website

What are domain names used for?

You cannot have a website without a domain name. Select the right domain name to grow your brand.

Why should I choose DNSPod?

All-in-one domain service

Professional management team

Free SSL certificate and DNS service

Exclusive for New Users


A personal club just for you

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1CNY/first year  41 CNY/year

Popular Domain Names


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Internationalized expansion

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Chinese enterprise identifier

19 CNY/year  


For the elites

26 CNY/year  

Why should I buy a CVM?

The CVM will be used to store your website content, and is a necessary element for the construction of your website. What are the options?

Why is ICP filing necessary?

If you use servers located in Mainland China, you must apply for ICP filing. What is the process?


High bandwidth

Extremely cost effective

Exclusive CVM discount

On-demand configuration

Hong Kong CVM

No ICP filing needed

Free public IP

Expert after-sales service

On-demand configuration

ICP Filing Package

Cloud DNS coupons

CVM upgrade coupon

CVM renewal coupon

What is DNS resolution?

DNS resolution associates your domain name to your CVM. It allows visitors to easily access your website. Learn more

Intelligent DNS

Powerful protection

Professional team


For individual users

10 DNS server nodes

3 subdomain levels

Minimum TTL of 600s

2 URL forwards

Round-robin DNS on up to 2 records per host

1 Gbps DDoS protection bandwidth


Individual Professional

For micro/small enterprises

99.90% availability SLA

12 DNS server nodes

5 subdomain levels

Minimum TTL of 120s

4 URL forwards

Round-robin DNS on up to 10 records per host

3 Gbps DDoS protection bandwidth

360 CNY/year

Enterprise Standard

For medium/large enterprises

99.99% availability SLA

16 DNS server nodes

10 subdomain levels

Minimum TTL of 1s

8 URL forwards

Round-robin DNS on up to 30 records per host

10 Gbps DDoS protection bandwidth; up to 100 Gbps

5988 CNY/year

Why do I need to configure a certificate?

Almost all websites start with the "HTTPS" protocol.
Therefore, your website needs an SSL certificate to increase website security and avoid browser blocking. Learn about SSL Certificate Service


For personal websites

Term1 year

Free CNY/year and up


For enterprise websites

Term1 year

1699.15 CNY/year and up

Organization validated

For medium/large websites

Term1-2 years

4250 CNY/year and up

Why should I use a template to create a website?

You don't need to do any coding. Simply choose from a rich set of templates and you can easily build a website by dragging and dropping.

High speed launch

No coding necessary

Across different devices

Enterprise WeChat Mini Programs

No programming needed

Templates for multi industries

Custom modules

49 CNY/3 months and up

Enterprise Website Templates

Buy 1 year get 1 year free

4-in-1 display version

HTML5 responsive websites

Numerous templates

870 CNY/2 years and up

SaaS E-commerce Website

No coding necessary

A collection of topics

Across different devices

Easy marketing

3188 CNY/year

The First Step to Bringing an Enterprise to the Cloud Starts with DNSPod

DNSPod joins with Tencent Cloud to provide mid, small and micro-sized enterprises with a comprehensive cloud-based service. It resolves all the requirements of enterprise growth over the lifecycle.

Enterprise Startup

Basic services for new enterprises to get started quickly

Domain Registration

Low-cost suffixes

Bulk registration

24/7 service

.club 8 CNY/first year

Intelligent DNS

Syncs in seconds

High reliability

SSL Certificate

Top-level CAs

100% compatibility

Quick processing

Trademark Registration

Quick, dedicated and assured service

Trademark renewal

Value-added services

270 CNY and up

One-stop, multi-site monitoring

Pro security rating management

Multi-channel monitoring alarms

ICP Filing

Accreditation via WeChat Mini Programs

Quick initial review

Free CVMs vouchers


Enterprise Product Construction

Quick and cost-effective product creation

Trademark Search

Trademark search

Filter trademarks by industry

Increase your success rate

Free1176 CNY/2 years and up

Downtime monitoring

Massive data storage

Precise alarming

Free400 CNY/3 months and up
SSL Certificate

Server authentication

Data transmission encryption

One-stop solution

Free400 CNY/3 months and up

Intelligent DNS

Precise scheduling

Cluster Failover

0.04 CNY/10K DNS queries

Enterprise Cost Reduction

Multiple software services help reduce cost and increase efficiency

Trademark Registration

Quick, dedicated and assured service

Trademark renewal

Value-added services

270 CNY and up
Trademark Search

Downtime monitoring

Massive data storage

Precise alarming

ICP filing

Free and convenient

ICP filing service

Support website construction


Precise scheduling

Multi-region cluster failover

Free of charge


Enterprise Security Assurance

Expert security services for secure growth


Security rating management

Multi-site monitoring

Compliance monitoring

Free CNY and up

Custom monitoring

Automatic failover

Multiple alarm types


AI+ protection rules

Anti-bot behaviors

Data leakage protection

3880 CNY/month
ICP filing

Free and convenient

ICP filing service

Support website construction


17 Years of Trusted Service

DNSPod has served an accumulated number of over 1 million users, more than 10 million domain names, and has 48 cluster nodes.


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How do I get my own domain name?

You only need to find a domain name that has not been registered, and spend some money to purchase it, and this domain name will belong to you. Once you own the domain name, you can set it up and start using it.

Register your exclusive domain name

What does DNSPod do?

DNSPod provides a one-stop domain name service. This includes domain registration, DNS management, SSL certificates, website ICP filing and more. You can handle everything conveniently and quickly, and most of the services are free.

Getting Started with DNSPod

How should DNS be managed?

To use a domain name, you need to start with configuring the DNS. DNSPod provides a free, fast, and secure management service, as well as an easy-to-use operations interface to help new users get started easily.

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How do I get my own website?

Creating a website is not as difficult as it used to be. A template can be used to create a website from scratch, with no coding necessary. Simply drag and drop to build your website, and easily preview what it will look like.

Quick website creation

What is an SSL certificate for?

Almost all websites start with the "https://" protocol. Browser support for "http" is gradually being phased out. Therefore, your website needs an SSL certificate to increase security.

Apply for a free certificate

Why is ICP filing necessary?

Users need to apply for ICP filing if they wish to use servers located in Mainland China. The filing process is easy and can be completed in 7 days via WeChat Mini Program.

Learn how to get an ICP filing

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